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Clearwater Property Management – Stressed About Managing Your Income Property?

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Clearwater Property Management – Stressed About Managing Your Income Property?

Stressed about managing your Clearwater, FL income property?

Tenants drive you crazy or take advantage because you don’t really know how to say no?

I have 9 years experience in Property Management in the Clearwater and Dunedin, FL areas. Most of my clients are out of State or out of the Country. I am proud to say that I have excellent stats and my clients are extremely happy of my services. My oldest clients have been with me since I started. I enjoy my work and I know I can provide a service that will give you peace of mind. I make it easier for you from the start. I do not flood your lines with excessive communication. Once I am on post and the house is ready (per my standard and the market) to be rented, you will hear from me to communicate that tenant has been approved, lease is done and money in the Bank!

Whenever there is a problem at a property, if it is a more complex problem or more expensive, I always present solutions along with the problem. I rarely inform of a problem when it happens unless I have to spend money immediately because it is an emergency. Even in this case, when I communicate the issue, I am already handling it! Each and every client is willing to be contacted for referrals.

You can see their testimonials on my website here: www.MoreThanPropertyManagement.com

I do pay referral fees to RE Agents and it is understood that the Landlord you refer to me will always be your client (as buyer or seller).

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Stressed About Managing Your Income Property?

In Pinellas County, I am looking for single family homes 3 or 4 bedrooms and income properties with several units owned by one company or person.

If you are already my client, please tell your friends!


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