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Giovanna Pucci LLC


My Specialties:
Property Management & Sales
Interior Design

I have been a Licensed Real Estate Agent (Sales Associate) in the State a of Florida for the past 8 years.


I am specialized in Property Management. I do also sales when the occasion rises and collaborate with other colleagues to find the best solution for my clients whether if they are looking for a home or an investment. When you are looking for an investment property, you want to make sure you know you are buying something that will rent. There are many aspects to consider. You want also to make sure that you have the right people that will help getting the property ready without overdoing it but enough to meet the market standards. Renters have become more demanding, more knowledgeable so you will need a Professional to own a property stress free especially if you are from another State or another Country. I speak three languages and this helps me dealing with a variety of tenants and clients.


I have an excellent reputation and each and every of my clients are more than happy to give personal referrals on my services. I take care of properties as if they were my own.
I do not waste money and I always look at solutions that do not involve unnecessary spending. I also do my best to solve a situation without involving my clients but I provide solutions to any given situations when the client’s approval is needed for major issues. I have a great team, amazing clients and very good tenants.


You, as a client WILL contribute to this progress and my expansion. My purpose it is to help people in many ways. The way I help through my business is: “Units well maintained and rented to quality tenants. Homeowners with a peace of mind in regards to their rental properties professionally taken care of with the common goal to show a profit.”


Personal Note to Brokers and other Agents: When you refer a client to me, for property management, the client will always be “your client” when it comes to Buy or Sell! You will not lose a client, you will gain a team member and your client will be very satisfied and thankful. I have many Realtors who have referred and still are referring clients. They can too vouch for my Professionalism and Work Ethic.”